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I run a daycare out of my house and needed to purchase a table that would seat 6 children and wasn't very big (my kitchen isn't big at all). I found my table with three chairs and a bench for $250 online at walmart.

I was jacked. It was 50% off. That was my first mistake. I ordered the table set and anxiously awaited the arrival.

It came within 5 business days, I sold my previously table right away (via facebook marketplace) so I could set it up. Mistake number two. The table went together great and looks great. The bench came with four legs that weren't even the right length so I couldn't put it together!

Two chairs went together well, but the third chair had a leg with a manufacturing defect which caused the chair to split. So here I am, with only two good chairs and a *** chair when I need seating for 6. I emailed bestchoiceproducts and never received a response, so I called them. The representative was wonderful.

She helped me out and made everything right by telling me she was sending the proper bench legs and a brand new chair! A week pasts and I receive the package...with only bench legs. Now I was just pissed. Don't tell me you are going to make matters right and then not include the chair in the package, when the packing slip says "One chair assembly included in package with 4 bench legs." I sent two more emails and made three more phone calls.

Mistake number 3. All my phone calls magically dropped while being transferred. Last night was the icing on the cake. I was enjoying dinner and I leaned back in a chair.

It *** split. I'm not a big person, I only weigh 115lbs, but the chair split without much force. So hear I am, waiting for the call center to open up so I can spam them with anger to demand a refund.

If it was one of my daycare children and it broke completely, I could have a potential liability on my hands. This company is a joke.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Choice Products Pros: Fast delivery.

Best Choice Products Cons: Crappy item.

  • Customer Service Non-existent
  • Waste Of Time
  • Poor Quaility
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