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Not resolved yet but finally bc I spoke with walmart and walmart contacted best choice they sent me an RMA number..... NOT A SLIP so I don't have to pay for returning the item but an RMA number which at this point is fine bc walmart said they would cover the shipping costs.

I am just glad to finally have a response from them and to be able to move this process along. Still if I were any of you considering Best Choice Products I would reconsider it.

Original review posted by user Jan 05, 2018

Absolutely horrible, non-existent customer service. They literally don't answer phones EVER.

They don't answer emails EVER. Only interaction I have had with this *** company is automated emails sent to me over and over stating they are so busy and will reply but they never do as well as computer automated voices saying they are experiencing high call volume and can't answer the phone. Who the *** runs a business like this??? All I want to do is return this stupid basketball goal which is brand new in box so I can get my money back to buy the correct basketball goal.

I cannot get anyone to respond to me and I am furious. All I see online about this company is horrible reviews and customers say the exact same things I am saying. NO customer service, nobody will answer the phones or emails, cant get in touch with any living human who works at this company. I am making a complaint to Walmart which is who I bought this goal through as well as the BBB bc this company needs to stop selling anything.

IF you can't answer a phone or at the very least respond to an email then you need to find another career path. I have called at least 10 times and sent probably 10 emails within the last week and a half and NOTHING. Save yourself time and frustration and DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. My wife bought me this basketball goal for my Christmas 2017 present thinking it was a good goal.

However, women aren't very good in the sports area so she thought she did well when in fact she bought me a goal that is fit for a 5 or 6 year old and I am 29 years old. All I want to do is return it unused for a refund so that I can purchase the basketball goal that is perfect for my age and experience.

Had I receieved at least one call or one email from a real live human being who at least gave me some bit of information I would be a satisfied customer. But because I have heard nothing for over a week I am extremely frustrated with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Choice Products Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Choice Products Cons: Any of it i just want a damn refund an rma slip please.

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I feel your pain, give them about 30 days, that’s what it just took my situation. Btw, not cool about women not knowing about sports comment.


lol Maybe not all women but my wife is not a sporty kinda gal. Had she read the reviews on the basketball goal she purchased she might have known.

All the reviews said something like "My 5 year old loves this goal!" or "This goal has been awesome for my 7 year old grand son" It doesn't even look like a real grown person goal. That was my point with the comment.


We perfectly understand the situation and do not blame you for not trusting us.

We are receiving your messages and promise you are not being ignored.

We take all our customers’ questions and concerns very seriously.

Customer service specialists are carefully selected for each case to ensure that every voice is heard and assisted to the best of our ability.

We hope we provided you with a good resolution and hope to see you again soon.


Hello, this is Customer Service Center. We are so sorry to hear of your experience.

Here at we strive for excellent customer service. We would like to resolve this issue for you as soon as possible.

We understand that we have had an extended period of wait time on our phone system. Please bear with us as we are assisting our customers in order of which the call was received in.

We do assure you that we are working efficiently and diligently through our inquires that we receive.

Please contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a quicker response.

We also have a Live Chat option at our direct website at


No you don't have a live chat option because I have tried to do that on the website and it never works. I just want to ship this product back as soon as possible so I can get my refund.


jordane0420, If the live chat option is not available, this means our chat portal is full.

If you have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, this would be the quickest way for contact us.

You may ask for me directly if you feel more comfortable. My name is Kelsi.

We have located your order information.

Please check your email as we have provided you with a resolution that we think would best suit your situation.

-Hope you have a good night.


I appreciate the email Kelsi. However, I am not too trusting at the moment of this company so I suppose we will see in like you said about 1 to 4 days to see if you follow through with what you said. If its true I will come back on here satisfied.

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