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If you are environmentally conscious, health conscious, or have a child with respiratory sensitives, beware. Manufactured overseas, unlabeled, has a noxious odor and company refuses to provide additional verification on manufacturing.

My child received this toy as a Christmas gift from a friend. Because of the noxious odor, I contacted BestChoice via email to verify makeup of parts/ingredients. Three emails and a month later, I received a response that they did not know the makeup and would look into it. 10 days later, no followup email, so I asked for the vendor to verify myself.

They would not share the vendor information with. They advised that it is manufactured overseas (Asia), makeup is mdf/carb P2/pine/plastic.

I asked if they would share written verification of carb P2 compliance, as companies that have carb P2 products usually label their products as such or provide verification to consumers on request. They did not answer the question, but gave another line about compliance and ended with "we do not have to provide this certification to consumers." If you are a transparent and compliant company, wouldn't t you label your products as such or provide verification on request?

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Choice Products Toy Playset.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Jesus Christ, you have way too much time on your hands. Throw it away if you’re so worried about your snowflake. More than likely it’s some mass produced garbage from China.

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