I just want to update a review...i finally got through to bcp after 26 minutes 41 seconds on waiting time. When you get the promps at first call ...make sure to hit 2 in dial pad they will tell you q in what order your call will be taken in.

Just be patient and they will answer the call. They are refunding my money for a drone i purchased back to card.

Since it was a 3 rd party order it will go through Wall Mart...which they refund my money to.Wall Mart either issues a gift card or will refund back to my credit card. Mariam whom i spoke to was very helpful.I was so relieved that i got to speak to a real person so just try and hang in on the wait period.I'll update when i get my refund.

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What number did you call to get to speak to someone?


I used the same no# they give to call.I'm sure its the same no#909-948-8400 I just noticed this no# when I typed in there web site 844-948-8400 this is the original no# waited 26 min.41 sec. On.Try the 909# I didn't see that one before I hope you get through it's long wait but I think you will get through.


I have the same problem. We waiting to hear back from Walmart