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This was my response after a LONG DAY ALOT OF WAITING & dissatisfaction from tgis company.My situation should have been settled and I receive 4 replied to emails from the day before between 5 & 6 pm with WHY my shipment didn't come and it will be.NO,I WAS told I would receive my refund as asked. I sat on hold for 40 minutes the first time only to be hung up on after explaining & asking for a refund.called RIGHT back and sat 1 hr and 4 minutes on hold while my husband was on the other phone with Frankie with wal corporate.I was told I WILL receive a refund by Best Choice products today,I DO NOT WANT the product AT ALL.I went out TODAY and purchased a drone from sears.I have corporate discussing the  communication with their vendors due to this incident and other reviews I reported and brought to their attention today in a meeting tomorrow.They have already canceled my $4.00 warranty plan on the item with them AND apologized for best choice products "service".I DO NOT EXPECT OR WANT THIS SHIPMENT AND WILL NOT BE CHARGED.I have taken this to corporate with walmart and going to Contact the BBB with my situation on this & post a personal review,this was very poor business and customer service.I WAS NEVER notified of it being out of stock or any delays,had I NOT CALLED and spent 3 hours of my time today I would not have known what was going on with my shipment.I was offered a $10.00 discount on the item by Best Choice Products today  and refused for a full refund,money is not the issue,I will not support a terribly ran business.I expect this issue to please go no further,I would like to not be charged or anything shipped and I will never be a customer with this company,and I am going to do my best to have some of the popular retailers selling Best Choice items read and listen to the reviews from the customers,the people that spend hard earned money on and with Best Choice Products to be mistreated and overlooked.You send concerned emails with no true meaning behind it,a customer SHOULD BE HEARD,respected and fully satisfied.I have my original email with the ship dates of nov.29-Dec.5 and after 3 hours today and a week later I find out it wasn't even in stock and would basically be ANOTHER week AFTER being hung up on & disrespected.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Choice Products Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I ordered a gift for my daughter and instead of getting what I ordered they sent me a cloth hammock! There is no return address and they make it difficult to contact them.

I tried by don't expect to hear back from them.



I may be having the same issue. I placed an order and it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, however, on the wal-mart website it still says processing.

I have been calling for 3 days now and I still get an automated message stating i need to email them and leave my phone number. "all emails get returned within 24 hours" 4 days now and the pnly response i have recieved is asking for my order number. I replyed with it even though it was included in the original email and have yet to recieve a response. been sending 4-5 emails a day for 4 days now.

I swear if i do not get my product i am going to flip my wig. I am tired of getting hung up on and not being able to talk to a real person about this.

#1251597 needs to stop dealing with 3rd party vendors because it leaves consumers out in the cold. I tried returning a product I had bought online three and was told to return to the store...after calling at Walmart and waiting an hour and a half I was told they could not refund me because they are 3rd party vendors and by the time I called it was closed...and now today I called and there is no one to speak to and the phone hangs up or they tell you to send an email? Very shady buisness and Walmart said they will investigate this buisness and pull them from there online adds if this continues..I have only tried to buy online threw this time and I will never again!!


I'm sorry to hear you had a hard time with them...I too am trying to get a refund or at least a call back from this company. I was charged for my item and i'm being told by the shipper it was never received from retailer.

This is frustrating and ridiculous.

I can not believe what horrible service they are providing to the consumer. BUYERS not purchase anything from them!!